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Making your home smart and your kitchen elegant with our affordable, durable, reliable, and off-course fashionable Appliances& Cookware for more than a decade.

We have gone through continuous transformation in our manufacturing technology and design thinking  to resonate with  the aesthetics of Modern Homes and tastes of millennial’s  and have successfully crafted the experience of “Happy & Efficient Cooking Time” which reflects in having a “ Great MealTime”that our clients have experienced.


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We believe that the point of purchase is only the beginning of the relationship. Our Reliable Warranty ensures that you continue to get our support long after your purchase. Have a problem – we are a phone call away. Have a question about how to care for your product – we are here to help. We pride ourselves on customer service and are always eager to hear from you

We are on a mission to make Pringle customer experience as joyful as possible.

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Customer Support
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A promising and sustainable opportunity whether you are a retailer , whole-seller or already a manufacturer.

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