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An extended hand that assures best service.

We are on a mission to make Pringle customer experience as joyful as possible.

  • Service Options

    Our Service Option includes Appliance Manuals, Live Demo by service executive, Videos to understand products better, ample parts and accessories online, warranties on repair and service etc. For Further enquiries please feel free to get in touch with our Care Center.

  • Help Yourself

    Now with our online chat service and maintenance video you can be a part of our family and can resolve minor problems by your own. Our extensive user manual is customized to give you a through and through knowledge on our products operations and services.

  • Complimentary Support

    We do not stop with the post-delivery support services alone. Pringle Care Center has various ‘complementary support' services, few of which are seasonal, to make you feel rejoiced to be our customer. Our Proactive care center is ready to assist you anytime of the day and they are just a call away.






General FAQ's

  • 1. Where can I find prices of Pringle products?

    Any price is determined by current market conditions and defined solely by the respective retailer. A retailer may sell the products for a higher or lower price than stated in our Website. The MRP of the product can be found with the product in the product details.
  • 2. Where can I buy Pringle Products

    You can buy Pringle products from the Pringle authorized retailers, Pringle Arena or authorized Pringle dealer.
  • 3. Where can I find product information?

    Information on our current range of products can easily be found in the Products section of the Pringle website.

    You can locate your product by browsing the product catalogue.

    By entering the model number or Name of your product into our search engine.

    For after-sales help and advice on using your product please choose the Customer Support tab.

    You can even skip straight there from the search results

  • 4. Where can I purchase spare parts and accessories for my product?

    A wide range of spare parts and accessories are available at our authorized Service Centers. Contact your local retailor for our original spare parts.
  • 5. I am unable to find the information I need, how can I contact you for help?

    We aim to provide an excellent online support for all our products but appreciate that sometimes the information you need may be hard to find. If you are unable to find the information you need, you can contact us via e-mail or phone: Contact us

  • 6. I need to have my product repaired, how can this be done under warranty?

    In many cases, when a product doesn't behave as you expect, the problem can be resolved at home with no need to be without your product. Be sure to check our online help before looking to book a repair.

    To check if your product is still in warranty please check our warranty document.

    If you did not find the required solution you can contact our contact center for further assistance.

    Contact us
  • 7. How long will repairs take?

    Our goal is to repair and return your product to you within 7 working days from the day it is received by our service center. Depending on the issues this may take fewer or longer time duration.
  • 8. When is the contact center open?

    Our contact center remains open from 10am to 6pm.

    The contact center is closed on Bank Holidays. You can contact us via e-mail or phone: Contact us

  • 9. How long is the warranty of the Product?

    Pringle warranties are usually 12 months depending on the product you own.

    To find the exact warranty period for your product and the relevant terms and conditions please check our warranty document.

  • 10. My product is out of warranty. Can Pringle do anything for me?

    If your product is no longer under warranty we aim to help make the repair process as painless as possible. The offered solution and the final cost will depend on product type, age, and problem in the product
  • 11. Where are the model & serial numbers of my product?

    Model number: You can find the model number on the backside or at the bottom of the product.

    Serial number: You can find the model number on the backside or at the bottom of the product. The serial number consists of 8 or 15 digits.