Relishable living, complacent cooking!

The artistry blend of stylish and affordable kitchenware is quite a task to find these days. Therefore, Pringle’s Home and Kitchen Appliances is the answer to your want of elegant range of cookware at a very surprising price. We are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of day to day cooking appliances that are designed in a way to make cooking, chopping and serving hassle free. Each appliance has a cutting edge concept that attracts the eyes and creates a style statement.

Exclusive Products

Pringle's each product has at the least a second variation proffering you with more smart options to choose from.

Passionate Service

Research says that a living is comfortable when the simple appliances at home are efficient and adds astuteness to our life.

Benefits for partners

Partnering with us will endeavor life time advantages. It also poses as an opportunity to collaborate with one of the leading.

We furnish smartness through simple appliances

Our vision is to create real life products with a tinge of innovation that not only will simplify tasks but will also add smartness to your home and kitchen. Our products a bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary and hence, blend perfectly with today’s lifestyle. Also, our products come at a very comforting price range further by swelling your shopping experience with us.

Years of extensive experience.

India centric research & development.